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Adrian and his cat

After many years as an engineer in electronics design, I decided it is time to start a website with my views about this wonderful art.

I live in Southern California.  I have a beautiful and smart wife, who is very supportive of my work.  I have a daughter at law-school in New York, who spends all my money on tuition and Broadway shows. (Update: My daughter is now an attorney in New York and is financially independent!)  I have a neurotic cat whose only desire is to sleep in a dark, hidden place for most of the day, except at mealtimes.

I finished my PhD some years ago and I have a great job as an Electrical Engineer where I spend my time designing analog and mixed-signal design circuits.  At the same time, I teach PHP, MySQL, C#, Computer Organization and Assembly Language and Electronics.

I lead a quiet life at home so, what better time to start this website and show the world that analog and mixed-signal design is not a mixture of cryptology and black magic, but rather an art that can solve a problem in many ways.

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As in Mathematics, where some solutions to problems are regarded as elegant, in electronics one can enjoy the same treat, that warm, fuzzy feeling of achievement, after a circuit is designed and works as expected. This is not difficult. This is art, real and powerful and relevant.

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Read my interview in EEWeb: http://www.eeweb.com/spotlight/interview-with-dr.-adrian-s.-nastase


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