Come to My Electronics Class on June 9th, at UCR

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Every summer Mt. San Jacinto College has a program called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This year, the event will be on June 6 – 9 at Mt. San Jacinto College campus and also at University of California Riverside. Students in the Riverside district are invited to participate, and explore the program classes. The event is intended to expose students to science and technology and help them get more clarity in choosing their future profession.

During this event I will deliver a 2 hour electronics design class on June 9th, at University of California Riverside. We will use a popular education kit, Ramsey PL300 Complete 300 In 1 Electronic Lab to experiment on electronic circuits and talk about resistors, capacitors, transistors and integrated circuits.

Ramsey PL300 Complete 300 In 1 Electronic Lab

Students will work in groups, each group with its kit, and create circuits with their own hands. They will have fun, learn and have the satisfaction that they build working electronic gadgets.

If you are a Riverside student and are interested in electronics, be sure to register for this program and come to my class to explore the world of electronics.

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