Notable Articles in Electronics Design

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In this page you will find links to different interesting articles on the web. Please visit it often, as I will update it periodically. If you know of a good article and would like others to see it, please use my contact page to let me know.

Noise Analysis of FET Transimpedance Amplifiers – by Burr-Brown team

Transimpedance Amplifier Noise Issues – by Bonnie Baker

775 Nanovolt Noise Measurement for A Low Noise Voltage Reference – by Jim Williams

Motor Control Tutorial – by Freescale team

Current Feedback Amplifier “Do’s and Dont’ts”-46 – by William H. Gross

Power Spectra Estimation – Application note – National Semiconductor

Silently Powering Low-Noise Applications – by Frederik Dostal, National Semiconductor

How Scopes Deliver 20-GHz Bandwidths and Up – by Brig Asay, Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA

Regeneration Theory – by H. Nyquist

Stabilized Feedback Amplifiers – by H. S. Black

Relations Between Attenuation and Phase in Feedback Amplifier Design – by H. W. Bode

Regeneration Theory and Experiment – by E. Peterson, J. G. Kreer, L. A. Ware

The Bridge Stabilized Oscillator – by L. A. Meacham

The Effect of µ-Circuit Non-Linearity on the Amplitude Stability of RC Oscillators – by B. M. Oliver, Hewlett-Packard Journal *11* (8-10): 1–7

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